You're invited

Not long after being introduced to the world of scrapping (another heartfelt thanks goes out to my colleague Rhea, who upon inviting me to join a couple of other scrapaholics unwittingly made me a scrap-addict) I tried my hand at making cards as well.

To scrap is to lift, I say, and here are the ones I've made for my li'l chipmunk.

"Baby's Christening"

Lifted from cute#1's design (check it out here: http://cute1screations.blogspot.com/). I admit, this wasn't too crafty as I used pre-made stickers (baby rattle) and minimal patterned papers. But the bits I really love are the transparencies (invite message and name tag) and the vellum. cute#1 also wonderfully used A6 plastic passport holders (from Daiso) as envelopes/holders for the card.

Me, my sister and my hubby made about 30 pcs of this card and had an alternate design where instead of a rattle, we used pre-made stickers of a baby shirt and diapers. The cardstock at the bottom was yellow and green.

cardstock color is lilac (was unable to fix the color when taking the photo)

"First Birthday"

Lifted from designer Julie Medeiros' work "twinkle, twinkle" (Paper Crafts magazine - baby creations). The theme for Jillian's first birthday was "cupcakes", and the cupcake cut-out at the bottom of the invite message were from postcards bought from MPH. Each postcard contained about 20 different pictures of the small cupcakes and there were only 2 postcards left at the bookstore which was a relief since we'd searched through all the known scrap places in Singapore as well as all the bookstores that were in the vicinity. We were on a literal "cupcake spree" and by the end of that weekend our eyes were so adjusted to looking for pics of cupcakes (on cards, wrappers, patterned paper, books etc.) that I think we couldn't walk into a store without automatically zooming in on anything that resembles one.

I'm proud of the cupcake "seal" on the ribbon though. This one was based on a picture of a sticker (the cupcake was part of a group of stickers that also had a cake, ice cream, etc. that I wasn't really keen on buying). I downloaded the pic, photoshop-ed, got the outline and then paper-pieced it.

The color theme was pink and lilac (hmm... same as our wedding, I wonder...) and the alternate card to the one featured here is pink with minimal differences.


salme said...

Cute invites!

Chipmunk said...

Thanks soox! =P I hope to do more.