Tis the season...

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Nope, it's not Christmas. But I'm counting down the days til' Easter.

I remember when we were kids and we'd hunt for Easter eggs. We made them out of real egg shells (there were very small holes where we siphoned out the yolk and eggwhite) which we painted/magic-markered. Mom and dad would then squeeze folded bills into the very small holes (which would pretty much make them into "large gaping holes") and hide them early on Easter morning.

It was so exciting looking for them (and finding out how much money we got, natch!). There was even a golden egg which was worth a whopping 50 pesos. Mom would always tell "bunso" (not me!) where most of the good eggs were. The neighbors (and passers-by) would scratch their heads wondering what we were looking for in the bushes and hedges in our garden so early in the morning. Lovely memories...

Scrappersatsg Challenge # 14

"Happy Hunting"

Whee! I'm hosting this month's challenge! And keeping up with the theme of "Easter", I went with an Easter egg hunting challenge. Actually, it was also my hubby's idea. =P He wanted a gimmick that was both connected with Easter and something new. I mostly liked the idea of hiding something somewhere in the layout and asking someone else to find it... hee hee.


My Cherie Amour

Scrappersatsg Challenge # 13
"Stay Tuned"

One of the many LOs that looks so simple but took me so long to make. I'm pretty satisfied how it turned out (thank god).

I'm glad I got to do the "floating letters" again (cut from cardstock and mounted on transparency).

The original design was for a card that me and my hubby made. It was a farewell card for his boss. I was so pressured because I wanted to make a really nice card. It turned out well enough. =D

(I took photos using my handphone's 2MB camera so the pictures aren't good)


A day with the birds

Scrappersatsg Challenge # 12
"Lay Out a Sketch"

This was one of the photos of Jillian I've been wanting to scrap for a long time. The second one (of the same day when we went to Jurong Bird Park) is still on the backburner. =S

The birds were a pleasant surprise, which was why I used them again in the "Adorable" layout. Mounting them on white cardstock really brings out the pattern. I also found the Luxe Lace rub-ons a beautiful alternative to mounting the photo.

It may not look it, but I had a difficult time making this one. The background was a totally different PP and I had no idea what the final design was supposed to be. I was afraid I wouldn't finish it and that the photo would go back in its box and lay dormant for ages.

My next project is to finish the "other" photo. Hope I finish it within the year. *LOL*



{Create} Feb 2008
"Significant Person"

I finally got up the courage to make a layout for the {Create} challenge. Actually, this was supposed to be the third entry for the Scrappersatsg Challenge # 12 but I wasn't able to send it in time. Which turned out to be a good thing considering I'd have to make another LO for {Create}. =p

Loved how this turned out, especially the "pearls" which added a nostalgic touch. The dark brown swirls were based on a Technique Tuesday clear stamp set (downloaded, editted, then cut using craftrobo). The birds were cut as well, using Maya Road felt birds as basis.

I wanted to add more swirls but it wouldn't look as "clean". I'm also crazy about glitter letters, though I won't be going totally insane on the layouts anytime soon. But I think a lot of the next ones will be featuring them though.