Like the new look?

It was bound to happen (and I've been putting it off for a while now), so here's the new look for my blog. =) The basic layout is the same, but I changed the chat widget from Chatbox to ShoutMix for a change (too bad all the previous comments can't be viewed here).

I'm thinking the color is too *blah* or is it because I'm just not used to it?

This was one of my "scrap goals", and here are the others I'm aiming to finish in the next few weeks:

1. Make a layout for Scrappersatsg Challenge # 21
2. Make a card
3. Make an entry for Jiroken's challenge
4. Make an entry for HMITM (or other challenges)

Wish me luck! =D


A Shopaholic's Confession

Scrappersatsg Challenge # 20
"Shoot Shop Scrap!"

I'd been saving the tags at the bottom of my patterned papers not knowing exactly when and where I'd use them. So it was a surprise that I finally got to incorporate them in this specific layout. The original design I had in mind for this required some handcut patterns (not flowers for a change!) that I didn't need in the end.

Can't wait for the next challenge!


Living in the Tropics...

{ Create} Tropical July Challenge
"El Nido"

These were some of the extra pics of our 2nd trip to Palawan (and I have more!). So I figured I'd use them in this month's {Create} challenge.


"2006 - Enjoying the silence inside the cove. The sigh of leaves and gentle splashes of the oars. We enter cool caves and take a short dip in one of the beaches. The glorious sun strong, hot and continuously shining... Palawan is a wonderful retreat to enjoy nature . To bask in beauty, serenity and to experience it all with the one you love."


Red, Yellow, Black and White

Laines July Layouts
"Wuxi Snapshots"

I've been wanting to make a red, black and white layout for a time now but just didn't know how to go about it. I didn't even know what PPs to choose (hence the lack thereof). I mostly used Making Memories embellishments for this, plus rub ons and homemade hambly (transparencies).

I'm trying to be more active in participating in other "challenges" (Laines is so very generous, I received a great mini-RAK from them just by uploading a layout!). =D


Doing "Shabby Chic"

This particular picture was taken on the weekend after Mother's day. We were waiting for our ride and hubby thought a little photo-op was in order (as the title says, girls really don't need any excuse for a Kodak moment).


A productive saturday

Scrappersatsg June Scrapmeet
"Sunday Sweetheart"

Made this at Marix and Beth's birthday bash and June scrapmeet. Uber-happy that I was able to make it at the party! (I thought I wouldn't be able to come at the last minute because of work, but I guess someone "up there" gave me a break, hehe).

I've been having trouble thinking of titles. It was a good thing I remembered that we took this picture (at EJ's 1st birthday) and knew it was a Sunday (yaya's day-off). I wrestled with other versions of the title (Sunday morning, On a sunny sunday...) but unfortunately the letters I brought wouldn't cover them.

I lifted this from Maps' fave layout - "Captivating Korea"... and along with the gorgeous layouts from everyone were judged. I can't believe it was picked!!! I was tickled-pink, excited and very inspired. From the Chatterbox - Making Memories Kit I made this:

Thanks Abby!

by Abby
" Nap Time"

Our June scrapmeet's over (for weeks now) but I've only been able to upload the pics today. Been a bit busy on my compliance leave. And since my sister's here, we've been making the rounds (read: sight-seeing and shopping - new pics for the new challenge, yey!). Jillian's taking her nap so I've a bit of time to upload.

This sweet layout was done by Abby (thanks so much!) and (if I remember correctly) was the original layout lifted by Maps during the scrapmeet. Love the animal print! I think I want to collect giraffes now (paper, stamps, toys).