Flying High...

Scrappersatsg Challenge # 23

It's been a while since I posted. I wish I had more time to do this challenge (I love both ads!) but work won't permit me. I'm missing my scrapmates as well, hope we can get together soon.


Smiles and tears...


Thanks so much Marix! Such a sweet gesture... super bait mo talaga! :) and I really appreciate all your wonderful comments.

I would like to pass this award to those whose sites I frequent as well:

Michelle - a lovely lady with a very creative soul
CJ - a fantastic scrapper with a bright personality
Abby - a sweet lady with a knack for making unique projects (and layouts of course!)

Check out their fantastic creations!


I bought "New Moon" today and couldn't help but start reading immediately. I've only read until Chapter 4 and I can't remember the last time a book touched me as much (nakaka-iyak! Gosh, I feel like a teenager instead of a mom...).


Two for the road

Card Maps (Sept 08)

Two (very simple) cards I did last night. I'm hoping my card skills will kick in thru practice. =)


September's here! Just a few more months and it's Christmas, right? So here's my first card of the season. =D


This takes the cake...

Tadaa... after days of "baking" and decorating, it's finally finished. My 4-tier diaper cake for Alex.

Materials: 1-inch ribbon (Celebrate) in red and dark blue, blue satin Craft ribbon, 2-inch baby-blue glitter ribbon, and thread.

Baby stuff: 2 pacifiers, 3 pairs of socks, baby shoes (Mothercare).

Essentials: 58 pcs newborn diapers (Pampers), 3 pcs 60ml baby bottles (Avent), J&J baby powder, baby oil, small wipes (packed inside), baby cotton buds (Tolly Joy)

Dark blue circular place mat (base) from Daiso.

Jillian's card

From CPS# 77 - Jilian's card



Scrappersatsg Challenge # 22 - Altered
"Jillian's mini album" (back page)

Just last night, I finished this page. Looking at the photo, I was fighting off the impulse to just close my eyes and drift off as well. In the end, everything looked peachy (and pink!). =)

I wonder if I'll ever get to do another mini album. It's a great way to use your stash and easy to fill in (due to the small size). The only down-side is that the pictures need to be of a certain size.

That's another one (or two?) off my list! An altered project and a mini album!

Paper and wood

Just wondering, should I consider changing the title of my blog? These aren't exactly "paper" creations anymore. But then again, strictly speaking, I didn't "create" the wooden album either.

This picture is one of Jerome's faves. Jillian doesn't usually pose in front of the camera.

She doesn't smile either, which makes this photo quite rare.

This one's from her first visit to the airport (to send off her tita - my sister Kathy). She looks like a little girl (instead of toddler) here. *sigh* how they grow up so fast.

One of my fave pics! Jerome captured her in one of her "playful" moods.

And this one was taken on her first ride on a "mini carousel".

Jillian's first mini album

It was a thursday night and I was thinking of altering my old wooden doll house (the one which looks like a puzzle and you have to build a piece at a time?). I thought of using all my old scraps (color theme - pink, purple and white) which would really help to get rid of the paper I didn't know what to do with. I was also planning on using all the brads, buttons and eyelets as well - which would really make it one-of-a-kind.

I was done with a part of the attic (roof and facade) when I realized I would never finish it by Sept. 5... well, at least not this year.

I ended up buying this wooden crown mini album (from Kaiser Kraft).

Scrappseratsg Challenge # 22 - Altered
"Jillian's mini album"

Needless to say, I still got to use all the old paper and scraps I've been wanting to get rid of. Even if this just turned out to be "mini-layouts", it was great fun finally making an actual "mini album". The most time-consuming part was finding out what exactly to put at the top of the page (since I only had pink, green and blue crystals) and balancing everything out.

Of booties and blogging...

Scratch one off my to-do list - I got to do two cards! Hurray! This one's not based on CPS or Card Maps though, but the other definitely is. I used Jennifer Miller's design ("First baby card") in baby creations mag, and I used sketch #77 from CPS for the other one (which I'll post as soon as I take a decent photo of).

I also got to do the diaper cake! I'm probably 70% finished (I just need to put in a few more ribbons and make the box). I was pleasantly surprised to find that shaping and molding it into a "cake" wasn't as tedious and time-consuming as it first seemed. And i'm so happy I did it! Love the color-combo (hope to take a picture of it during the weekend).

I haven't blog-hopped (or even surfed) for the entire week so I didn't hear the news that I got a wonderful RAK from the lovely ladies of {Create}! I feel so grateful and blessed! Especially after these past 2 tiring and hectic weeks (work was more toxic than usual). Just one more day and it'll be the weekend... I can't wait!