My Birthday Wishes

I received this lovely tag from Annie and Sookie (so sorry took so long for me to post this!). It was fun reading your wishes and I think I kind of "borrowed" some of them (not surprising eh?).

Here's what I need to do:

1. Make a list of what you want for your birthday.
2. The list should be 10 numbers.
3. Include the image of this award on your post.
4. Give it to 10 friends.

My list:

1. 3 weeks vacation (including 1 week at a fab resort somewhere like the Maldives or Koh Samui, I can dream!) with my family
2. A free makeover (possibly with a goody bag, lol)
3. DVD collections of my fave T.V. series
4. Definitely a scraproom!!! (not just a scrap table, hee hee)
5. Loads of scrap supplies (kits would be nice!)
6. A nice tote bag that's not too big and not too small (for scrapmeets)
7. No production problems until 2012!
8. Lower rent
9. Take advantage of a really great sale (scrap supplies, clothes, etc.)
10. Health, wealth and prosperity =D

Scrapbook Challenges - Sketch 140

Scrapbook Challenges - Sketch # 140
"Mom & Me"

Gosh, just a few more days and it's mother's day! Needless to say, it inspired me to do a special layot for this week's sketch... that and of course the butterflies! How can I possibly resist?

Bazzil Basics Light Yellow, Little Yellow Bicycle D105 Butterfly with glitter, SEI monogram die-cuts, Piggy Tales chipboard alphas, Jenni B metallic butterflies, Thickers Sprinkles, Doodlebug Boutique trims, Doodlebug paper frills, Basic Grey chipboard stickers

Sadly lacking in this layout is the journalling. Then again I don't think I could've squeezed anything else as the letters I used for the title are a bit big (hee hee).


My first sketch at 52 Sketches!

52 Sketches 52 Weeks - Sketch # 16

So I'm trying my hand at creating a few more layouts and finally got up the courage to enter 52 Sketches. Here's my entry to last week's and it turned out pretty well. The background PP is (yes!) from my SEI "collection" bought last week, the light aqua PP is from a K&Co paper pack that I won from waaay back (almost a year ago). The white ribbon is the last few inches from the one given by Lia from 2 years ago (I really believe in using every piece!).

What I love about this is, apart from the light color (which is not the usual red and green), I used something new (at least for me) - sticking some cotton string to the inner edge of the shaped paper.


Scrapbook Challenges - Sketch 139

Scrapbook Challenges - Sketch 139

This is a long overdue layout (Veron! Heto na ang isa sa mga utang ko sa iyo. Hope you're liking the white space on this one). I love the swirls (from the White Out collection) and will probably be using it on another layout. =) The flower "window" is actually a die-cut label. I cut out the middle portion to make something new out of it, added glitter so the white doesn't look so drab.

The green PP I used is from Bo Bunny (I'm simply loving the Alissa line). Speaking of lines, there's a new "LSS" near our office (opened up in the new mall - Tampines 1). The shop is called "Urban Write" and currently it sells Pebbles Inc and S-E-I (hopefully more brands and products will come in, once they see scrap products are a huge seller). I've already bought the S-E-I papers (unfortunately the one with the glitter butterflies were sold out, *sigh*) and will be posting some new layouts using that line soon.

Ang mga taga-Tampines, pare-pareho ang mga papel! Hahahaha!

Scrapbook Challenges - Sketch 138

Scrapbook Challenges - Sketch 138
"Scrap Family"

I completely forgot about sharing this page! And this was one of my more "creative" ones yet. The leaves were from my stash of scraps. After downloading a nice picture of a leaf (can't remember if it was from a stamp or rub-on), I used the craft robo to cut several pieces from different PPs. The trunk of the tree was hand-cut (patterned after a die-cut from a Halloween layout I saw in a magazine). The birds are from a Christmas PP.

Sayang wala sina Marix, Andros, Maps and Chinqui, para kumpleto sana. Hmmm, I think I still have that photo of the very first Anniversary. =D

Hope you're having a great week!



Scrapbook Challenges - Bold and Beautiful

I was trying for a dramatic effect when I took this photo. I didn't expect that Jillian would make it a comedy. If you look closely, she's actually looking at a bug and her foot is poised to squish it.


Happy Easter!

Scrapbook Challenges - Make your own shaped paper
"Look @ Me"

Time does fly... I remember a post I made on Easter for the first challenge I sponsored for Scrappersatsg (the one where you hide an easter egg in your layout?) and now I'm posting this latest one I made for Pinky's last challenge ever for SC (really sad to see her go).

Looking at Jillian's photos here remind me that she's really growing up fast as well. I mean, she's already reached the height requirement for the MRT (though the good people at the station told us she was "borderline" and didn't make us buy a full-priced EZ-Link card). She's starting to sit through full-length animation movies (her fave last week was "Mulan", and just this weekend "Shark Tale") and she cries at the sad bits too.

Sometimes I wonder about her sense of humor... like the time she was watching Monster's Inc and she decided to call "Sully" Daddy. Guess who "Mommy" was? Mike Wazowski! (the monster with the one eye?)... and she totally KNOWS I don't like it! She calls that monster "Mommy" each and every time we watch that movie! (well, only at that point where Mike appears on screen the first time). She even makes sure to look at me and her daddy when she does it (with an impish smile).

My little weirdo...


Something to remember us by...

Humor me please... I had to give Beth an ATC with my photo. Actually, we all had to make one (and put our personal e-mails on the back of each) so she'd have scrap-related keepsakes of us made especially for her (hmmm, sounds suspiciously like the way she made us give her layouts to fill her album).

I don't know if I just got too used to scrapping Jillian's photos or what, but whenever I do a project with my photo in it it looks really corny. LOL

But seriously, I'm kinda liking the whole black, white, green and red color scheme. It's a welcome change from my usual pastel and pink.

Can't wait for tomorrow! Coz it's a holiday on Friday! Yippee!

But I gotta work on Saturday.... *groan*

No wonder I'm in a "black and white" (mostly black!) mood.

In Black and White

Scrapbook Challenges - Black and White

If you look closely at the part of the photo nearest the head of the butterfly you'll see pieces of the rub-ons that CJ used on her original layout. I couldn't let this photo go to waste though, so I asked for it. Besides, I wanted to give CJ a layout to remember Beth by as well (nakabuo ka nanaman ng isang album ha! Don't forget to share it when you're in NZ na!).

I lifted this from Vicki Boutin's work ("Lucky In Love") in the Feb 2009 edition of Scrapbooks Etc. I guess the term should be "carbon-copied" because I didn't just lift the sketch but even the colors and placement of embellishments. But I'm very glad I got to use these four old PPs of mine.

I've really got to use all the old ones before I buy any new ones! Aaargh...


Scrapbook Challenges - Sketch 137

Scrapbook Challenges - Sketch 137

>April 4 was our surprise "despedida" for Beth (aka Cute#1). She's off to New Zealand to stamp some sheep (maybe milk a few cows as well). The e-mails were sent saying that the Scrappersatsg Anniversary scrapmeet was going to be held at Maps' place, but in secret everyone knew that it was going to be for Beth. The last-minute surprise was when the venue was changed... we were going to meet up at Beth's place instead.

So we waited by the lobby, it was pouring real hard for a few minutes but luckily it let up by the time everyone arrived. Abby brought these really cute and delicious chocolate-coated desserts on a stick, which their taxi driver kept asking about (kulit ni uncle).

Sookie called to ask if Beth was ready to go and we relaxed when we heard she still hadn't gone out of the house (the "Anniversary" was scheduled at 1:30 PM, it was already two). We went up the elevator and waited just outside her room. She was shocked, of course, upon seeing us there. But I think she had some doubts when the food being prepared at her house looked too much like the food we usually order on our scrapmeets. =D

I made this layout for her after our little "pictorial" in her bedroom (red background or grey?).

I'm gonna miss you Beth!!!

And remember - if you find a Spotlight in New Zealand, you don't need to be a Permanent Resident to get a discount.

Scrapbook Challenges - Sketch 136

Scrapbook Challenges - Sketch 136

I probably didn't do justice to this pretty sketch so in the near future I'm gonna have to make another one. Although, I must say that I'm glad I bought new PPs. One because it gave me a momentary (and fleeting) "high" which also made me forget the past 2 weeks of work (dang, they're really getting their money's worth these days), and second because it gave me a boost on the "creativity" department. I'm so into these bird cages... and birds... little wonder why I used this photo.

I'm also liking the mixed thickers for the title (and of course the glitter!). I don't think I'll ever stop using Stickles or any PP with a little sparkle.

Scrapbook Challenges - Sketch 135

Scrapbook Challenges - Sketch 135

Gosh, I've been out of it lately (low on mojo, high on work, etc). You can probably see it here (nothing really new, *sigh*). Maybe it was just I didn't have anything new to play with *wink* *wink*.

Used up one of the rub-ons I acquired recently and I wish I'd bought some more (in black).