We're all winners!

Winners of the charades game (Andros, Nelvie, Chinqui, Beth and Pat). Great work girls! =P

Proof of the girl's hard work. Check out the wonderful layouts.
And best of all, my take-home treats! =D The mini-RAK I won from Marix' blogversary extravaganza. Papers and treats from the ukay-ukay. I absolutely loved everything! The charades, "musical-goody-bags", Amazing Race ala Scrappersatsg, and the bring-mes. My hat's off to the organizers and may we have more scrapmeets to come. =D

And the winners are...

Just a few of the lucky winners...

Madeth and Amy

This is it!

Smiling and scrapping away! (CJ and Beth)

Say cheese! (Ann, Beth and Madeth)

Andros, up close. Proof that he does his own (precise) cutting.

Pretty in pink and green! (Lily and Soox)

Due to a shortage of chairs (only 20 chairs) Bheng resorted to scrapping on the floor. Now that's passion! =D You go girl!

Where's the Party?

Event: Scrappers@SG First Anniversary
Date: April 26, 2008 (Saturday)
Time: 1:00 PM
Venue: St. Michael's Condominium Function Rm.

It was a nice sunny day and I was on my way to our first ever anniversary scrapmeet.

I got lost! =) I went to St. Michael's "Place". I called Abby and found that I was indeed lost and had to catch a cab to St Michael's St. I thought I could wait at the bus stop but then noticed that the next street (the street the cab originally went to) was St. Michael's. I made up my mind to walk there instead.

I saw the function room decorated in pretty pink. I thought it was a kiddie party at first, hehehe. And the door was locked, so I didn't know if it was really the party. =D

There I saw Ate Rowee, Cecel and Nelvie

And some of our organizers (the two who started it all a year ago): Abby and Marix.

Our goody "bags" (or goody-plastic-storage-circles) stacked enticingly in a corner.


Lucky Number 7

How Much Is Too Much Challenge # 77

In a bid to update my 2peas account, I've decided to join one of the challenges. The thread's by Debbie T (here) and it's part of her challenge blog site "How Much Is Too Much". The objective of the site is to urge you to use your stash. This challenge was no exception because it pushes you to use the ff.:

1. 7 letters in the title
2. 7 flowers
3. 7 buttons
4. 7 brads
5. 7 labels
6. 7 word stickers
7. 7 of anything else (I opted to use 7 kinds of rub-ons)

Hence my layout "Sweetly". I finally got to use my Scenic Route stickers and the epoxy stickers from my KI Memories "It's a Girl" kit which I bought last year. I totally used up the mini labels! But only made a dent on my brad and button supplies. Some of the rub-ons I used here were yellowing at the edges so I really have to use them again soon.

My goal is to use most of my stash by mid-year so I have an excuse to replenish. Hahaha!

Krystal's Scraproom

These are pics of Krystal Grant's scraproom (my dream room!). I haven't been posting much because I'm catching up on my 2peas account. I got side-tracked because of all the stuff going on (especially this awesome room!). So I just wanted to share with you.

For any other questions you have on how she did everything, please go to this link: http://www.scrapduo.com/studio


Scrappers At SG is 1 this April!

My wonderfully creative, talented, sweet and fun scrapping family is turning one! I was so surprised to get the news that I quickly noted the ff.:

1. Do you still have the very first invites that Marix and Abby sent?
2. Can you still remember what we did the first time we met?
3. How many layouts you've done since then?

Unfortunately, I wasn't there from the very beginning. But as they say, better late than never. =D So in commemoration of this event I'm remembering what I did those very first weeks that I joined. This was the first ever e-mail I got from Marix (after Sookie added me to the yahoo groupmail):

--- Maricar Marte <marixcm@yahoo. com> wrote:

Wahooooo! Time for another scrapmeet!

Venue: Parburry Hills Function room
Date and Time: Sept 22 (Saturday) 12pm to 10pm

Sa food potluck po tayo

Activities to follow na lng po...watch out for exciting games and challenges!

Yun mga gusto pang humabol sa ating 143 challenge habol pa! Sa Friday Sept 17 na po ang deadline. You may send your entries to soox_a@yahoo. com or marixcm@yahoo. com

- Marix aka Benga

Live, Laugh, Love and Scrap
http://scrappalific .blogspot. com

And the first challenge I ever entered was Challenge # 7 - Happy Birthday, which was hosted by Cecel. I did "8 months" which I thought was cute. Hee hee. And best of all, I won most elaborate LO! Which totally made my week! =D

7 months and 16 layouts later I'm scrapping strong (if not often) after being inspired, time and again, by the wonderful people of Scrappersatsg. I was supposed to join them during the November (Trick or Treat) scrapmeet. I made ATCs for my "monster" (Marix) and was all set to go, but I had work scheduled for that weekend and sadly I didn't get to meet the girls. Same thing happened for the December scrapmeet (where I even bought food!). Funny thing is, my hubby (Jerome) was able to meet Abby and the rest (briefly perhaps) that December because I asked him to deliver the food in my stead.

Fortunately this year, our first ever meet for 2008 saw me at Chiltern Park and I finally met the girls. =D I can't believe I spent almost 12 hours with Abby, Andros, Benga, Beth, CJ, Lily, and Sookie chatting and scrapping the day away. I'm usually shy (though not obvious, hehe) but I found them easy to get along with and a total riot. =)

Here's wishing Scrappersatsg more fun-filled and artistic years to come.