All Boxed Up

Kayang-kaya Kaya Challenge # 18
"All Boxed Up"

My first ever entry to the Pinoyscrapbookers blog (aka Kaya Challenge). And since it was hosted by the talented Marix I just can't help but join. I had a great time thinking of ways to make this layout "edgy". The edges on the cardstock were hand-cut (after tracing from a PP). The same goes for the orange PP.

I'm loving all the new glitter lace cardstock (bought me some "glitter" patterned papers from MWL just last weekend). Which reminds me... I need to post in the MWL forum so I can swop some of my "monster" coupons-cum-puzzle so I can finally complete one picture. I'll try to post here as well. =) On a side-note, I drew one of those 40% and 25% off (whole purchase!) coupons and can't wait to use 'em.

Now I need to create 1 more layout for a challenge (Color Combos or HMITM), 2 non-related-challenge layouts, finally get starting on that mini album (sadly methinks this will not be done in time for christmas this year given the current state of things), revamp the look of my blog and those tags!

Thank You cards

It's been weeks since I've posted, and not half of my goal list has been ticked off... *sigh*... but I'm trying! Yes indeed-y... I finished these cards (and 8 more 6x6 ones) just today and I must say it was no easy feat (given that I've been going crazy with work nowadays).
The photos of Nash go inside. Hopefully mommy A will like 'em. =)


and bushy tailed

Scrappersatsg Challenge # 24
"Bright Eyed Little Baby"

Jillian was 4 months and 9 days old when we had her christened. Her head was balding in places and the few pictures we got (showing the back of her head) were hilarious.

This was one of the few photos (taken by Tanya) that were decent enough to scrap.

The original title I had in mind for this page was "Bright-eyed and bushy tailed" but I didn't know if all the Thickers/stickers would fit (I had a hard time just thinking of all the 24 stickers I had to use!). In the end, it looked okay. The color scheme is nice, (obviously) bright, and not my usual safe, pastel colors.

I've been too busy at work so I think I'll give myself some creative time (I think I'm experiencing some withdrawal symptoms from not having scrapped for so long). So here's my goal list for the month to keep the creative juices flowing and to balance out my daily routine:

1. Create at least 3 layouts for 3 different challenges. Bonus: I need to use bright colors or at least not my "usual" color scheme.
2. Create a mini album for mom (for when we go home in Dec.)
3. Create a new banner for my blog and update the color scheme (white?)
4. Create tags for our christmas gifts.
5. Create 2 new cards and 2 new layouts (not related to any challenges)