your life... live it...

The Color Room - Challenge #3
"your life"

I did this page in April... and now it's July... how time flies! =)

Now, i'm seriously lacking in mojo. The Tattered Angels stencils and glimmer mists I bought about a month ago are just dying to be used (they're sitting idly on my little scrap table gathering dust).

I also miss a lot of things. I miss this li'l boy here and his sweet mom (Amy) who's now a certified SAHM in Michigan. And of course, I miss scrapping.

What have I been up to? I went to a couple of summer outings this June (not surprising), so my weekends were fully booked. And when I got back, I got "addicted" - curses to mangafox and iphone apps! I've been holed up in our room reading free scanlations til 2AM. And while waiting for the pages to load I sneak in playing Farm Story, We Rule, God Finger, Tap Farm, Tap Fish, Tap Store, Tap Resort (now there's even a Tap Bird!), and Zombie Farm ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

And some things I don't miss, are things I haven't even done... things on the backburner I haven't come around to doing. So today's the day - I'm starting to train for a 5K marathon. =P Lots of people are running and joining marathons, getting fit in the process and having tons of fun. I'm also going to rekindle my love for drawing and going with a bunch of friends to a studio to sketch. Nothing serious, it's not even a class - just sketching a model.

Hopefully, in the middle of all this, I can still do a page or two for challenges. =)