A Very "Father's Day" Layout...

Scrappersatsg Challenge # 19
"Seven Months"

Admittedly not the most apt interpretation of the challenge (Father's Day = Purple?), though in any case this served it's purpose. =P Said purpose being to use the purple Love Elsie PP, creating a purple LO (long overdue) and still making something for the latest challenge.

Hubby reprimanded me for punching holes during the ungodly hours of 12:00 to 1:00 AM, but they were definitely worth it! I never thought I'd be using my eyelet punches so much.

Also, I want to make more purple and pink layouts. =) Hope it's some time soon.


Create June 2008 Challenge
"To Create a Mess, Add me!"

Nuff said. =D

Hopefully, Jillian isn't mistaken for a boy in this layout (because of all the blue elements).


Before 12:00 (Eastern Standard Time)...

Scrapdragons Challenge # 18
"Doggy & Me"

This one didn't make it to the challenge. =( I thought I had more time.

I lifted this from Deanna's layout (Challenge # 14).

After 3 months...

I finally finished this layout I started months ago based on a PageMaps sketch.

I finished "Umbrella" in a day, but couldn't finish this after I already had the design (go figure).

I stayed up a little later than usual to punch out the holes (I was waiting for the neighbors to complain about the constant noise after 2 AM, hee hee).


A tribute to cute#1

"Do I Look Like I'm Kidding?"

A birthday tribute to scrapmate and friend cute#1! =D

On June 11 (a cool Wednesday) special LOs from friends were sent every hour (starting at 10:00 AM). It was such a fun way to celebrate Beth's day (scrap-style!) that I couldn't wait for the next layout to arrive.

I only wish I could've seen her face as she received each one!


Yellow spoon, Yoghurt, Yum!

Scrappersatsg Challenge # 18

My first stab at a 2-page layout. I love Hambly and felt stickers! =) I never really thought I could use it nicely on a page.

These pictures of Jillian were taken on a hot saturday. She was more makulit than usual and I thought she'd like a cool treat (yoghurt). She liked it so much (especially when she was using her own spoon) and she left quite a mess.

I found these rub-ons (Kaiser) in Laines and thought they'd make nice embellishments. I'd love to use them on all my pages now (even if it's just to put my name on my work too)!


Vek's Little Girl

Yes, I've been a busy scrapper this month (even if it was toxic at work!). But it was only today that I've been able to sit down and actually post the pics (and yes, ramble a bit).

I've had this picture of Tyra ever since I helped my dear friend Vek make her first birthday invites, which was about last month. And I think this was one of the layouts I made while de-stressing late at night. I'm so, so happy Vek liked it! I was afraid she might think it was too cluttered. =)

I'm not entirely sure if this is an experimental piece or not (as I'm getting bored with my usual style - linear and balanced with flowers and flourish). I guess it's a hybrid of the cluttered style and my usual.
Speaking of "the usual", hubby J can't keep from commenting that I need to do something about the white space (duh, nothing!). Why is it men (or at least some of them) can't seem to get over the white space?


Chinqui's Little Boy

This very definitely is a "boy" page. It's also kind of a cross between a "summer" page (with the green and orange) and a "boyish" one (with the red and blue). I think the colors complement each other well. It was luck as well that I had an embellishment (the pink circular rubber thingie at the lower right of the photo) that suited the color of the slide in the photo.

The quote (handwritten! From afar, it doesn't look as bad) is so cute:

"A boy is trust with dirt on its face, beauty with a cut on its finger, wisdom with bubble gum in its hair, and hope of the future with a frog in its pocket."

"wonder . dream . play . explore . find . discover"

I hope to use the girl's version in my entry to Scrappersatsg's current challenge:

"A girl is innocence playing in the mud, beauty standing on its head and motherhood dragging a doll by the foot." (Allan Beck)