After 10

It's eleven o'clock now and I've just tucked myself in for the night after a day of scrapping with the ladies of Scrappersatsg.

It was our Annual Christmas Party (yup, in November!) and it was definite blast! We started off with a guessing game for our Monito-Monita (Secret Santa). My Monito (or Monita?) was Andros and here are the layouts I made (which I couldn't post immediately because it would give me away).

"All Smiles"

The challenge went something like this:

Something round and something clear, so sorry that deadline is near... Then, add something hard, definitely not lard.

"Fab Five"

The second challenge mechanics were:

Something long, something small, that's not all but you'll never go wrong then add something soft to finish it off.

The last challenge was to make a layout for your mom/dad. Mine was Cecel and I decided on 2 photos - one of Rain (her niece) and she and her husband. I wasn't able to take a picture of the finished layout of Rain but I intend to finish the one I have of her (and her husband) and photograph it soon.

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