saturday morning blurb

Finally... I have a decent scrap tote. Just bought it from the LSS and was very pleased with how it looked and felt. I think it's an old design because I can't find a decent picture of it anywhere on the web. Basically it's shaped like the tote bag on the left (with light brown leather handles) but the pattern is the same as the small craft bag on the right.

I've been organizing my stuff to fit in the bag (for the April 10 scrapmeet with the girls) but alas only my papers and thickers would fit. =( I really have to figure out which papers to bring.

That or bring a smaller bag for the embellies and stuff.


bebang said...

hey there! :)u got lovely layouts talaga! kakainggit may bag ka na for scrapping! heheheh.... hope to see you soon!

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