Vek's Little Girl

Yes, I've been a busy scrapper this month (even if it was toxic at work!). But it was only today that I've been able to sit down and actually post the pics (and yes, ramble a bit).

I've had this picture of Tyra ever since I helped my dear friend Vek make her first birthday invites, which was about last month. And I think this was one of the layouts I made while de-stressing late at night. I'm so, so happy Vek liked it! I was afraid she might think it was too cluttered. =)

I'm not entirely sure if this is an experimental piece or not (as I'm getting bored with my usual style - linear and balanced with flowers and flourish). I guess it's a hybrid of the cluttered style and my usual.
Speaking of "the usual", hubby J can't keep from commenting that I need to do something about the white space (duh, nothing!). Why is it men (or at least some of them) can't seem to get over the white space?


salme said...

amen to the white space! hehehe i think that's what men sees!

if my lo has one, my hubby will always say this "bat daming blanko?" grrrrrrr...

Chipmunk said...

Hahaha! I remember that one layout you did where you mentioned your hubby doesn't like the white space. Totoo nga! Pati si Jerome talagang pinapansin ng husto.

His line: "You need to put something there" or "Kulang". And when I tell him it's part of the design/style he just doesn't get it!