All Boxed Up

Kayang-kaya Kaya Challenge # 18
"All Boxed Up"

My first ever entry to the Pinoyscrapbookers blog (aka Kaya Challenge). And since it was hosted by the talented Marix I just can't help but join. I had a great time thinking of ways to make this layout "edgy". The edges on the cardstock were hand-cut (after tracing from a PP). The same goes for the orange PP.

I'm loving all the new glitter lace cardstock (bought me some "glitter" patterned papers from MWL just last weekend). Which reminds me... I need to post in the MWL forum so I can swop some of my "monster" coupons-cum-puzzle so I can finally complete one picture. I'll try to post here as well. =) On a side-note, I drew one of those 40% and 25% off (whole purchase!) coupons and can't wait to use 'em.

Now I need to create 1 more layout for a challenge (Color Combos or HMITM), 2 non-related-challenge layouts, finally get starting on that mini album (sadly methinks this will not be done in time for christmas this year given the current state of things), revamp the look of my blog and those tags!


Benga said...

wow, thanks for joining! galing tlga sa handcut, super tyaga! your baby is growing up too fast, she's so cute :)

simply me said...

Another "wow" LO :-) Love the layering at color combi...very soothing sa mata :-) Akala ko AC Thickers yung tittle, Galing! :-)

Chipmunk said...

Tenchu tenchu my Marix! =) Yah, my little baby is a little lady na... sometimes like a little "imp"... kulit... Ay, CJ yung letters ni Craft Robo ko from AC thickers. =D

salme said...

Your baby is so cute! And of course, another wonderful LO! Galing mo magsama-sama ng elements!