Star Celebrations

Having landed in Changi airport on Friday, I can say three things:

1. I miss my family and how everything seems to be happier in good ole Phil.
2. I miss the food (and the malls! Especially the great, new big sprawling ones)
3. I don't miss the traffic (and the crowds)

Going back to work after having spent Christmas, Jillian's birthday (in Tagaytay), Jillian's party (in Makati), New Year's, and my birthday is like being dropped into the ocean after having a short but enjoyable roller coaster ride.

In any case, here are some pics of the invites we sent:

Mom's trying to see if any of her friends are interested in having their children's invitations made by us. Hope it's the start of a business venture (keeping my fingers crossed!).


Michelle Bertuzzi said...

What a co-incidence, I made a card almost exactly like this just yesterday! Love your simplicity & elegance on this card!

Chipmunk said...

That's so cool! Isn't it a nice card design? I really like how it's very simple but versatile. =D Hope you're having a great week!