Scrapbook Challenges - Sketch 154

Scrapbook Challenges - Sketch 154

Catching up, catching up! =D Sketch 155 is in the works as we speak (just putting some finishing touches). Hope I can squeeze in a layout or two so my July posts don't seem so dismal. Though, on hindsight, this July was anything but dismal - it was actually quite wonderful. =)

Forgot to mention we watched the 6th Harry Potter movie and was not disappointed. It was pretty good and surprisingly funny, and the delivery of most of the scenes appeared "sincere" (not being a movie critic here, just that it's refreshing to see acting from kids that don't totally look 'forced').

P.S. This layout is one of the many queued up for me, it's for a friend of mine (ex-office colleague) and her new family. Sweet Bettina looks so lovable with her doting parents - the little photo makes her look like she's wearing a wig. LOL.

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