First "boy" layout

Scrappersatsg Challenge #16

Another first! Yup, my first try at making a "boy" layout (nope, my husband's layout doesn't count). I initially thought I'd be doing something similar on our anniversary scrapmeet but I didn't get to pick a boy's photo. I'd brought along paper of brown, blue and orange hues, but come to think of it, I think I managed to bring all colors which was actually a very good thing.

What I also like about this layout is that the orange "lace cardstock" at the bottom left and the orange circles at the top right were actually left over from the invitations I made for Tyra. The moment I saw them come out from the cutter I knew I'd be using them somewhere... and voila! I've also been dying to use the epoxy alpha stickers for a long time and when I brought them out to try them on this layout they fit quite well.

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