A productive saturday

Scrappersatsg June Scrapmeet
"Sunday Sweetheart"

Made this at Marix and Beth's birthday bash and June scrapmeet. Uber-happy that I was able to make it at the party! (I thought I wouldn't be able to come at the last minute because of work, but I guess someone "up there" gave me a break, hehe).

I've been having trouble thinking of titles. It was a good thing I remembered that we took this picture (at EJ's 1st birthday) and knew it was a Sunday (yaya's day-off). I wrestled with other versions of the title (Sunday morning, On a sunny sunday...) but unfortunately the letters I brought wouldn't cover them.

I lifted this from Maps' fave layout - "Captivating Korea"... and along with the gorgeous layouts from everyone were judged. I can't believe it was picked!!! I was tickled-pink, excited and very inspired. From the Chatterbox - Making Memories Kit I made this:

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salme said...

Ibang level ka talga hehehe love the title! cutee!