Like the new look?

It was bound to happen (and I've been putting it off for a while now), so here's the new look for my blog. =) The basic layout is the same, but I changed the chat widget from Chatbox to ShoutMix for a change (too bad all the previous comments can't be viewed here).

I'm thinking the color is too *blah* or is it because I'm just not used to it?

This was one of my "scrap goals", and here are the others I'm aiming to finish in the next few weeks:

1. Make a layout for Scrappersatsg Challenge # 21
2. Make a card
3. Make an entry for Jiroken's challenge
4. Make an entry for HMITM (or other challenges)

Wish me luck! =D


Michelle Goto-Bertuzzi said...

Hi! Found your blog through trails from feedjit. Thank you so much for linking my blog to yours. Much appreciated. Will be visiting more often! I hope you can make the challenge!

Benga said...

wow new look! nice header! I'm with you on the goals, maybe I should list down mine for August as well, happy weekend!