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{ Create} Tropical July Challenge
"El Nido"

These were some of the extra pics of our 2nd trip to Palawan (and I have more!). So I figured I'd use them in this month's {Create} challenge.


"2006 - Enjoying the silence inside the cove. The sigh of leaves and gentle splashes of the oars. We enter cool caves and take a short dip in one of the beaches. The glorious sun strong, hot and continuously shining... Palawan is a wonderful retreat to enjoy nature . To bask in beauty, serenity and to experience it all with the one you love."

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Michelle Goto-Bertuzzi said...

Wow..... El Nido! A place I've been dying to go for many years. Hopefully can go when we go for a visit in the Philippines. Love how you cut out the flowers and scattered it all over your layout.