Of booties and blogging...

Scratch one off my to-do list - I got to do two cards! Hurray! This one's not based on CPS or Card Maps though, but the other definitely is. I used Jennifer Miller's design ("First baby card") in baby creations mag, and I used sketch #77 from CPS for the other one (which I'll post as soon as I take a decent photo of).

I also got to do the diaper cake! I'm probably 70% finished (I just need to put in a few more ribbons and make the box). I was pleasantly surprised to find that shaping and molding it into a "cake" wasn't as tedious and time-consuming as it first seemed. And i'm so happy I did it! Love the color-combo (hope to take a picture of it during the weekend).

I haven't blog-hopped (or even surfed) for the entire week so I didn't hear the news that I got a wonderful RAK from the lovely ladies of {Create}! I feel so grateful and blessed! Especially after these past 2 tiring and hectic weeks (work was more toxic than usual). Just one more day and it'll be the weekend... I can't wait!