This takes the cake...

Tadaa... after days of "baking" and decorating, it's finally finished. My 4-tier diaper cake for Alex.

Materials: 1-inch ribbon (Celebrate) in red and dark blue, blue satin Craft ribbon, 2-inch baby-blue glitter ribbon, and thread.

Baby stuff: 2 pacifiers, 3 pairs of socks, baby shoes (Mothercare).

Essentials: 58 pcs newborn diapers (Pampers), 3 pcs 60ml baby bottles (Avent), J&J baby powder, baby oil, small wipes (packed inside), baby cotton buds (Tolly Joy)

Dark blue circular place mat (base) from Daiso.

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Michelle Goton-Bertuzzi said...

Holy guacamole! That is really really neat! Love it!