In Black and White

Scrapbook Challenges - Black and White

If you look closely at the part of the photo nearest the head of the butterfly you'll see pieces of the rub-ons that CJ used on her original layout. I couldn't let this photo go to waste though, so I asked for it. Besides, I wanted to give CJ a layout to remember Beth by as well (nakabuo ka nanaman ng isang album ha! Don't forget to share it when you're in NZ na!).

I lifted this from Vicki Boutin's work ("Lucky In Love") in the Feb 2009 edition of Scrapbooks Etc. I guess the term should be "carbon-copied" because I didn't just lift the sketch but even the colors and placement of embellishments. But I'm very glad I got to use these four old PPs of mine.

I've really got to use all the old ones before I buy any new ones! Aaargh...


Simply Me said...

Love it! I like how you combined all the elements. Thank you Thank you :-)

Chipmunk said...

Thanks CJ! I hope to give it to you soon (if not on our next meet).

Cute#1 said...

Great great layout! =)