Scrapbook Challenges - Sketch 137

Scrapbook Challenges - Sketch 137

>April 4 was our surprise "despedida" for Beth (aka Cute#1). She's off to New Zealand to stamp some sheep (maybe milk a few cows as well). The e-mails were sent saying that the Scrappersatsg Anniversary scrapmeet was going to be held at Maps' place, but in secret everyone knew that it was going to be for Beth. The last-minute surprise was when the venue was changed... we were going to meet up at Beth's place instead.

So we waited by the lobby, it was pouring real hard for a few minutes but luckily it let up by the time everyone arrived. Abby brought these really cute and delicious chocolate-coated desserts on a stick, which their taxi driver kept asking about (kulit ni uncle).

Sookie called to ask if Beth was ready to go and we relaxed when we heard she still hadn't gone out of the house (the "Anniversary" was scheduled at 1:30 PM, it was already two). We went up the elevator and waited just outside her room. She was shocked, of course, upon seeing us there. But I think she had some doubts when the food being prepared at her house looked too much like the food we usually order on our scrapmeets. =D

I made this layout for her after our little "pictorial" in her bedroom (red background or grey?).

I'm gonna miss you Beth!!!

And remember - if you find a Spotlight in New Zealand, you don't need to be a Permanent Resident to get a discount.

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Cute#1 said...

hahahaha i luvvvvv the spotlight here jen! lots of scrapbook items =)