Something to remember us by...

Humor me please... I had to give Beth an ATC with my photo. Actually, we all had to make one (and put our personal e-mails on the back of each) so she'd have scrap-related keepsakes of us made especially for her (hmmm, sounds suspiciously like the way she made us give her layouts to fill her album).

I don't know if I just got too used to scrapping Jillian's photos or what, but whenever I do a project with my photo in it it looks really corny. LOL

But seriously, I'm kinda liking the whole black, white, green and red color scheme. It's a welcome change from my usual pastel and pink.

Can't wait for tomorrow! Coz it's a holiday on Friday! Yippee!

But I gotta work on Saturday.... *groan*

No wonder I'm in a "black and white" (mostly black!) mood.

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Cute#1 said...

Thanks Jen! =)